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Product Family: actidata Ti-NAS
Tape-in-NAS as Windows Server Platform
with NAS and integrated LTO Tape Drive

Ti-NAS means “Tape-in-NAS" and combines a Network Attached Storage system (NAS) with an LTO tape drive. With two storage systems in one solution, an IT platform is available that realizes both: disk space for disk-based backup and the following data transfer to LTO media for external backup. Here, the user decides which backup software should be used on actidata’s Ti-NAS storage platform. The integration of the Windows Server IoT based system into an existing IT infrastructure is easily to deploy via dual optical 10Gb Ethernet interfaces as well as the embedded two additional 1Gb Ethernet RJ45 ports.

NAS and Backup Platform actidata Ti-NAS
Product Highlights:

  • Windows Server 2019 IoT for Storage
  • NAS System inculde HW RAID Controller
  • LTO Tape Drive or LTO Tape Automation
  • 1-2 Intel CPU with up to 1TB RAM
  • Dual 10GbE SFP+
  • Dual 1GbE RJ45
  • IPMI 2.0 für Remote Hardware Monitoring
  • 36 months limited warranty


Product Overview:aN XL 2U 12 open web

actidata Ti-NAS QT
Windows-Server-NAS mit dual 10Gb-Ethernet und integriertem LTO-Backup

As a unique solution platform for data backup, the new actidata Ti-NAS QT as a Tape-in-NAS system is available. actidata Storage Systems GmbH, an innovative company located in Germany, consistently relies on selected and proven server components and combines a Network Attached Storage System (NAS) with an LTO Tape Drive in a robust desktop chassis. Thanks to the two optical 10Gb/s Ethernet interfaces, the Windows Server 2019 IoT based platform can be easily integrated into company networks and operates best in a separate fire section. Deployed as an open platform, any Windows Server 2019 compatible backup software that supports LTO Tape Drives can be installed. The disk storage managed by a hardware RAID controller stores the backup sets in a first step of a Backup-to-Disk-to-Tape strategy (B2D2T) while the second step will follow with the internal backup to the built in LTO Tape Drive.


More Platforms in Rackmount will become available pretty soon!

actidata Ti-NAS will become available in rackmount version soon.  Based on 2U, 12bay and 4U, 24bay Backup Server combined with 1U LTO Tape Drive, 1U LTO Tape Autoloader, or 2U/3U LTO Tape Libraries the actidata Ti-NAS product familiy will be extended. Requests for quotes are welcome from now on.