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Direct cooperation with world leading IT manufacturers allows DISKUS Polska to constantly develop its offer, thus adjusting it to the continually evolving technologies. The mission of the company is constituted by the delivery of the highest quality products and services, by the need for the understanding of company Partners’ needs and fulfilling their expectations. The company’s goal is provision of the fast access to the offered products as well to guarantee comprehensive and individualised approach, adjusted to company Partners’ needs.

In order to face these tasks, the Company undertakes continuous attempts at the extension of its competences. In order to realize the aforementioned mission, the company modernizes and broadens its product offer as well as the scope of the offered services, adjusting the elements to the current market requirements. The Company constantly looks for and undertakes new challenges, offering better solutions and greater benefits.

DISKUS Polska also aims at increasing its Company value. Thus, we constantly invest in knowledge and development undertaking various investments aimed at securing the professional personnel, recruited from the best Polish universities.

Product Lines: actiLib, actiTape, actiNAS Plus, actiNAS WIN / LX / LXHA


Special Business Partner in Cech Republic:

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MHM computer Inc. is a leading provider of ICT solutions and services for a wide range of customers including solutions and services for businesses and government offices. Czech company has been operating on the market since 1990.

The company offers all infrastructure of networking, servers and integrated systems solutions for storage and data security, their design, and consultancy in these and related areas of ICT. Among other things, it includes the protection and security of information. Our company provides global services to selected manufacturers of IT technology, which goes far beyond the Czech Republic.

Product Lines: actiLib, actiTape


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