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Optimized Storage Systems and Components
for small and medium sized Customers as well as for Corporates

In both small and large IT environments, reliable storage systems are necessary to store company-relevant data. Each company has its own IT strucure and guidelines, which are defined in capacity, performance, data availability and operational security.

Near-line storage systems, mostly run as network-attached-storage, are an integral part of actidata's product portfolio. As business-critical data in particular can also be lost, storage systems as well as professional backup solutions are available, not only for possible system recoveries after a desaster happened, but also as archive systems with stores data for a long time.


actidata Ti-NAS RT and Ti-NAS QT
- Windows-Server-NAS with dual 10Gb-Ethernet and integrated LTO-Backup

Tn RT left 800 600 w

 Ti NAS QT side 72





Ti-NAS means “Tape-in-NAS" and combines a Network Attached Storage system (NAS) with an LTO tape drive. With two storage systems in one solution, an IT platform is available that realizes both: disk space for disk-based backup and the following data transfer to LTO media for external backup. Here, the user decides which backup software should be used on actidata’s Ti-NAS storage platform. The integration of the Windows Server IoT based system into an existing IT infrastructure is easily to deploy via dual optical 10Gb Ethernet interfaces as well as the embedded two additional 1Gb Ethernet RJ45 ports


actiLib - LTO Tape Backup and Archive Systems:

 actiLib 1U 2U side  actiLib Kodiak 3407 BTL ETL angle w    actiLib Kodiak offen

Tape autoloaders, tape libraries according to the LTO magnetic tape standard have been established as a data protection system in small and medium-sized enterprises and large customers for many years. LTO tape libraries of the actiLib product series are available both for the entry level market  with eight slots in compact, low-cost 1U rackmount format, as well as middle class actiLib systems up to 48 LTO slots in 2U and 4U chassie. Depending on the system, one or more LTO drives can be installed with FibreChannel (FC) or SAS interface to give the needed data transfer.

actiLib Kodiak stands for scalable LTO tape libraries. As a medium-sized library, the actiLib Kodiak 3407 is a library that can be extended to 21U with more than 270 LTO slots, starting with a 3U basic module. With the actiLib Kodiak 6807, a highly scalable 6U LTO tape library is available, which can be expanded from 80 to 560 slots depending on attached expansions units.


actiTape LTO Professional Line - LTO Tape Drive for Backup & Archive:

actiTape 1U side 72 actiTape extern side

The actiTape LTO Professional Tape Drives are easily connectable to existing servers via the built-in SAS interface and will be operated by a server based backup or archive software. Loading and unloading of LTO media can be done easily by man. This allows mission-critica data to be stored on an interchangeable medium and kept securely at an external location.


actiNAS XL-Line- Disk-based NAS and Backup Systems:

 actiNAS SL 2U 8 RDX front

The actiNAS XL product family from actidata combines a proven, Linux-based NAS operation system with industrial standard IoT embedded motherboards, original Intel CPU, DDR4 ECC reg. RAM and - on request - latest Enterprise SATA HDDs or Server Grade SSDs. The management of the Hardware will be proceed throuph webGUI, SSH, Telnet or via the separate GbE interface for IPMI2.0 Redfish. A server class NAS system also need fast interfaces to the LAN - here alway dual 10 Gb-Ethernet interfaces are available for connection to optical or copper 10GbE LAN switches.


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