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Product Family: actiLib LTO
Tape Automation Systems based on LTO Tape Technology

actiLib 1U 2U side

The actidata actiLib Tape Automation series offers low-cost tape libraries for rack mounting that enable companies to successfully handle two critical data protection tasks: Fast backup and reliable archiving.

The product range includes reliable, cost-effective storage solutions for companies that need automatic data backup at an affordable cost exceeding the capabilities of individual drives. The actidata Tape Autoloaders and Tape Libraries are based on the pioneering and high-performance LTO technology, which not only meets current requirements, but also offers growth potential in the future as storage requirements increase. The actiLib Tape Automation series is therefore recommended for environments where an automatic, low-budget backup needs to be implemented.

Benefits of actiLib LTO Tape Autoloader and LTO Tape Libraries:

  • Executing an Automatic Backup Strategy
    As data backup needs grow and data management regulations become more common, the actiLib Tape Automation series simplifies your backup scenario with reduced costs and staff deployment.
  • Easy to Integrate - Easy to Manage
    Integrated web-based remote management allows the administrator to configure and manage the library from his workplace. This eliminates the need for system facilities on site.
  • Barcode reader integrated
    The use of the barcode reader built in all actiLib Tape Automation shortens initialization times and simplifies the assignment of the cartridges in the assembly.
  • Compatible with today's and tomorrow's LTO Tape Technology
    Different capacities, interface types and tape drives are available within the actiLib Library series. The products support SAS and FibreChannel connectivity.
  • Securing customer's Investments
    As backup requirements increase, customer can easily and tool-less adjust the performance or capacity of tape drives by upgrading to the next generation.
  • Easy Service - easy Maintenance
    Power supply, library controllers, drives and robotics can be replaced on site (sometimes only with actiCare on-site service), providing the key advantage that a backup can be continued quickly in the event of a malfunction.
  • Three years limited Warranty - extensions up to five years include Onsite Service available
    incl. exchange of defective parts in advance (Fast Exchange Service)


actiLib Kodiak 3416
- scalable midrange LTO Tape Library
up to 640 Slots, 1-48 LTO tape drive modules with SAS or FC connectivityactiLib Kodiak 3407 BTL ETL angle w 

The actiLib Kodiak 3416 LTO Tape Library is the ideal solution as a central data backup and archiving system for small and medium-sized enterprises. As a growing system, the actiLib Kodiak 3416 LTO tape library relies on the outstanding performance of proven, established LTO Tape technology and meets with the highest level of flexible features both in acquisition, expansion and operation the demands of modern system environments. Current and future LTO-Tape technologies as well as additional expansion modules can be connected to increase the number of LTO slots if the requirements of customer become higher.


actiLib Kodiak 6807
highly scalable high end LTO Tape Library
80-560 Slots, 1-42 LTO tape drive modules with SAS or FC connectivity
actiLib Kodiak offen

With the actiLib Kodiak 6807, actidata offers a LTO Tape Library that already has the most demanding data protection and storage requirements in the basic equipment. With easy-to-install expansion modules, storage capacity can be easily adjusted as data protection requirements increase. At least totally of 560 LTO media find there place in the highest configuration uses today's or tomorrow's LTO tape drive technologies.


actiLib 1U LTO-Autoloder
8 slots, one LTO tape drive module with SAS or FC connectivity
actiLib 1U Autoloader Side

The actiLib 1U LTO Tape Autoloader is the ideal entry-level backup solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It combines memory density and tape library features in a compact 1U form factor and is also equipped with advanced features such as a barcode reader and web-based remote management.


actiLib 2U LTO-Tape Library
24 slots, 1-2 LTO tape drive modules with SAS or FC connectivity
actiLib 2U Tape Library Side

The actiLib 2U LTO Tape Library is the ideal entry-level solution for applications that require library functionality. The library is budget-friendly in terms of purchase and operation, is easy to install, user-friendly in administration and enables data protection. In addition, the sleek 2U design allows both the 19-inch rack insert and the stand-alone operation. Software compatibility with current and market-established data protection software is guaranteed, while hardware connectivity through intelligent robotics control saves the necessary computing resources.



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