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End of Life Product
actidata Ti-NAS QT
- Tape-in-NAS as Desktop Platform

Windows Server NAS with dual 10Gb-Ethernet & integrated LTO-Backup

actidata Ti-NAS QT - Configurations:

actidata Ti-NAS platforms can be ordered as standard or as tailor-made solution depend on customer requirements. Please contact actidata directly for more information.

CareFree (CF) - Platform for NAS & Backup

actidata Ti-NAS platforms in CF configurations are available for ordering:

  • Equipped with 24x7 Enterprise HDDs (> 550TB/anno)
  • Equipped with LTO Tape Drive
  • Equipped with DDR4 ECC reg.RAM on demand
  • Pre configured RAID level in demand
  • Installed and configured OS
  • incl. 36 month limited warranty
  • inkl. Advanced Replacement Service on defective parts (Fast Exchange Service)

Available without HDDs

All actidata Ti-NAS products are availble without pre installed HDDs but prepared for use with 24x7 Enterprise HDDs - actidata recomment to use only SATA III HDDs specified with 550TB/anno.