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actidata Ti-NAS RT
- Tape-in-NAS as 2U Rackmount Platform

Windows Server NAS with dual 10Gb-Ethernet & integrated LTO-Backup

actidata Ti-NAS RT
Windows Server NAS with dual 10Gb-Ethernet and integrated LTO BackupactiNAS XL 2U 8 RDX System Front

Ti-NAS means “Tape-in-NAS" and combines a Network Attached Storage system (NAS) with an LTO tape drive. With two storage systems in one solution, an IT platform is available that realizes both: disk space for disk-based backup and the following data transfer to LTO media for external backup. Here, the user decides which backup software should be used on actidata’s Ti-NAS RT storage platform. The integration of the Windows Server IoT based system into an existing IT infrastructure is easily to deploy via dual optical 10Gb Ethernet interfaces as well as the embedded two additional 1Gb Ethernet RJ45 ports.

Backup-to-Disk-to-Tape (B2D2T)

An emergency plan defines normally a regular backup of mission-critical data to a disk-based target and afterwards an additional transfer to an exchangeable medium. Restore of data from a NAS system is the fastest way to bring data back to the productive system because it is accessible online. Additional data backup sets should be available on external media to avoid against data loss after a possible big disaster.
The actidata Ti-NAS RT combines both necessary technologies into one solution and provides disk-based NAS storage and tape-based LTO backup. Thanks to the open platform a proven Backup-to-Disk-to-Tape (B2D2T) strategy will be performed by a Windows Server compatible backup software which needs to be installed by customer on the internal M.2 SSD.

Ti-NAS RT – Backup Platform within the Server Rack

The rackmount version of the proven actidata Ti-NAS product family is particularly suitable for installation in the rack system of the production systems. The actidata Ti-NAS RT platform is configured as a backup target, transferring the backup data to the built-in RAID system via 1GbE or 10GbE LAN interfaces. After the backup data has been transferred from the RAID system to the LTO data cartridge, the LTO medium can be removed i.e. daily and stored in a secure location externally.

Example: The Use with Veeam's Backup Software

Tn RT left 800 600 72 VeeamVeeam backup software is considered as quasi-standard for many system houses and users when it comes to backup of virtual machines (VMs). Often the Veeam server is installed in an own VM and manages the backup jobs, running processes and backup sets. With Veeam's Data Mover, which is simply installed on the actidata Ti-NAS RT, the Veeam server from the VM controls not only the local NAS storage (which is used as a backup target), but also the built-in LTO streamer. Thus, the consistent implementation of the backup-to-disk-to-tape (B2D2T) data backup strategy is recommended, which can be realiszed completely within the actidata Ti-NAS RT with a built-in RAID system and the integrated LTO tape drive. Thanks to the Veeam Data Mover, it doesn't matter if the Veeam server is operating in a VM or installed on the actidata Ti-NAS RT NAS- and Backup platform.

Product Highlights

  • Robust 2U rackmount Form Factor include Rails
  • Server Motherboard, Intel 4Core Server CPU, DDR4 ECC reg. RAM
  • 6bay Hardware RAID-System for up to 6x SATA-III HDDs / SSDs
  • incl. CacheVault Cache Buffering (Disk-based NAS)
  • LTO tape drive for backup on exchangeable LTO media (Off-site Backup)
  • Internal data transfer creates no traffic on IT LAN during backup-to-tape
  • Windows Server 2022 IoT CAL-free installed on internal M.2 SSD
  • Management via Remote Desktop, monitoring via IPMI 2.0, SNMP
  • 4x LAN interfaces dual 10GbE SFP+, dual 1GbE RJ45
  • Power Supply 550W 80PLUS GOLD
  • 36 months limited warranty including Advance Replacement Service (Fast Exchange Service)
  • CF Configuration (CareFree) incl. 24x7 Enterprise SATA-III HDDs / SSDs

36 Months Service & Support inclusive

actiCare service includes a 36-month limited system’s warranty including the proven Fast Exchange Service (Advance Replacement of defective Parts) as well as a free technical support via telephone, e-mail, and internet in English. On request, actiCare service extensions are possible up to 60 months.

actidata Ti-NAS...
actidata Ti-NAS® RT actidata Ti-NAS® RT
actidata Ti-NAS...
actidata Ti-NAS® RT actidata Ti-NAS® RT

Backup-to-Disk-to-Tape (B2D2T) running on an open platform

actidata Ti-NAS RT combines NAS and Backup to an ideal plattform for executing an Backup-to-Tape-to-Disk strategy (B2D2T). The RAID secured NAS system based on Windows Server 2019 IoT uses up to 108TB raw capacity and offers most needed disk space for backup sets. The following data transfer to LTO tapes will be proceeded internally without creating traffic on the customer's LAN. After unloading the LTO data cartridge should be stored in secured place like a bank safe. 

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Open platform - Support of most common Backup-Software Manufacturers

Thanks to Microsoft's Windows Server IoT for Storage CAL-free, the successor of the Windows Storage Server, customer chooses for his preferred backup software. All backup software which are compatible to Windows Server 2019 family and supporting LTO Tape Drives are open to run on actidata Ti-NAS RT.

Backup Software defines the Backup Strategy

The actidata Ti-NAS RT combines disk-based backup with a LTO tape drive in one solution and should be ideally installed in a separate fire section. The system serves storage space as a platform for use by a common backup software, which specifies the data backup strategy. In a first step, the backup data will be stored on the hard disk space of the NAS system and afterwards transferred to exchangeable LTO media. The data on the LTO media should be stored externally to avoid against unauthorized access.

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