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actiTape 1U ext side

actidata Ti-NAS RT
NAS with LTO Tape Drive

Use as Backup Server or Backup Target

As a unique solution platform for data backup, the new actidata Ti-NAS RT as a Tape-in-NAS system is available. actidata consistently relies on selected and proven server components and combines a Network Attached Storage System (NAS) with an LTO Tape Drive in a 2U rackmount chassie . Thanks to the two optical 10Gb/s Ethernet interfaces, the Windows Server IoT for Storage CAL-free based platform can be easily integrated into company networks and operates with a server rack or in a separate fire section. Deployed as an open platform, any Windows Server compatible backup software that supports LTO Tape Drives can be installed.

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actiLib Kodiak 3407 BTL ETL angle w

actiLib Kodiak 3416
Scalable LTO Tape Library

Scalability = Future included!

The actiLib Kodiak 3416 LTO-Tape Library is the ideal solution as a central data backup and archiving system for small and medium-sized enterprises. As a growing system, the actiLib Kodiak 3416 LTO tape library relies on the outstanding performance of proven, established LTO-Tape technology and meets with the highest level of flexible features both in installation, expansion and operation as well as demands of modern system environments. In this way, the acquisitions can be adapted to current and future tasks, so that in addition to the current and future LTO-Tape technologies, the number of LTO tape drives and LTO slots can be increased.

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actiLib 1U 2U side

actiLib LTO Tape Automation
Autoloader & Libraries

Why not making Backup running alone?

The actiLib LTO Tape Autoloader and LTO Tape Libraries are the ideal entry-level solution for applications that require automatic media functionality. The tape library and autoloader are budget-friendly in terms of purchase and operation, are easy to install, user-friendly in administration and enables data protection. In addition, the sleek design allows both the 19-inch rack insert and the stand-alone operation. Software compatibility with current and market-established data protection software is guaranteed, while hardware connectivity through intelligent robotics control saves the necessary computing resources.

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actiTape 1U ext side

actiTape LTO Professional
External Tape Drives

Backup on LTO Tapes - what else?

The actiTape LTO Professional Tape Drive are easily connectable to existing server via the built-in SAS interface and will be operated by server based backup or archive software. Loading and unloading of LTO media can be done easily by man. This allows mission-critica data to be stored on an interchangeable medium and kept securely at an external location. actiTape LTO Professional Tape Drives are available as 1U Rackmount Version or as external enclosure (Table Top Box) including an built in Power Supply Unit and separat ON/OFF switch.

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Service / RMA

Available - Competent - Fast

Your actidata's product shows an defect, a malfunction, or anything you cannot follow? No problem - actidata's technical support and actidata's service department is available to help answering and solving technical issues. For speeding up any communication we recommend to send basic information via our RMA form directly to available persons.

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Register your Product

Pre-Registrations saves time!

Backup and Storage Products from actidata are usually combined with an Advanced Replacement Service / Fast Exchange Service with the first three years after purchase. To speed up any reaction time in case of a defective part or any malfunction we strongly recommend to pre-register the product using our registration form. Just some minutes in advance will reduce communication time managing an RMA case.

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Storage Consultancy

We support YOUR storage project!

Several decades of experience in Backup, Archiving and Storage is the most important capital of actidata's professional team. Based on this know how actidata combines excellent components, matching building blocks and proven technologies to an tailor-made solution meeting customer's requirements. Do not hesitate to contact actidata for your storage project.

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