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RMA / Fast Exchange Service (FES) Registration
& Registration for "Onsite-Service"

Due to our global approach we are communicating normally in English language, so, herewith we kindly ask to chose English as you preferred language. - Thank you!

Please use the below form for your registration of an Onsite-Service, a request for a RMA number, or a request or a Fast Exchange Service (FES) ...

  • ... if you would like to report a technical failure (Request for Onsite Service).
  • ... if you would like to ask for an swap of a defective component (Fast Exchange Service).
  • ... if our technical support ask you to fill in this form in front of an Fast Exchange Service.
  • ... if you need an RMA number for returning a system or a component to actidata.
  • ... if you would like to send a system or component for reparation.

Please send no material to actidata without getting a RMA number in front of the shipment!

After filling in all required information the technical department or the logisitic department will contact you with further information.

Please use the following form and confirm Private Policy and Service Conditions:

Enter already a different location within this form if the shipping adress is different from the adress mentiones above. This will speed up all actions in case of an delivery:

Please choose the following product category and enter serial number (required) and service-key (if available):

Service- and RMA-Conditions:

If needed and after confirmation through actidata's technical service swap components für actidata will be send out to a confirmed post adress in proper packaging.

The service participant ...

  • ... handle the components or system with care.
  • ... use the component or system only in defined environment.
  • ... send back the defective component or system in original package (proper packed) within five working days free of charge.
  • ... will be charged for the component or system (actual street price) if this will not be returned.
  • ... will be charged for the component or system (actual street price) in case of any damage due to bad or wrong packaging.

actidata Storage Systems GmbH ...

  • ... send the component or system free of charge according to an agreement to the customer.
  • ... does not take any responsibility for any data stored on any storage media (disk, tape, rdx etc.).
  • ... does not take any responsibility for parts, component, media and/or systems which are arrived outside an agreement.
  • ... confirms not keeping knowledge about any customer data stored on storage media.
  • ... confirms according to an agreement to delete/erase customer data.
  • ... confirms to set back systems into default settings (if possible).
  • ... does not return parts, component, media and/or system outside an agreement.

In case of an confirmed and agreed service action at customer site (Onsite-Service) the service participant already confirms herewith an open and direct way to the location of contracted system. Service worktime of more than one hour becoming effective based on waiting time or delay due to block way to the contracted system will be charged by actidata through a extra invoice.

Do not return any goods to actidata by not having the correct return adress as well as an RMA number!

Your personal date are important for us and we are taking care about them. We respect your personal rights inline with German laws and rights (EU-DSGVO). Your personal data will only be used inline with your request and its finalizing. Refer to our Privacy Policy inline with our General Terms & Condition valid under German laws:

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