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Lynx IT Systeme to distribute actidata products in Germany

Dortmund (Germany), 7th May 2013 - Storage specialist actidata's professional solutions are now...


actidata puts together carefree package:

How to setup a NAS easily


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Storage solutions for more reliability

actidata Storage Systems GmbH, based in Dortmund (Germany), is a young and innovative producer with outstanding solutions competence in storage, backup and archiving.

actidata is active in the core markets in Europe and Asia and focuses on the corporate customer segment. actidata aims to become established as a leading storage provider in the B2B area. more

actiDisk RDX® Professional: Systems for storing and swapping out data to removable media


Data loss due to system failures or hacker attacks can pose a major problem for companies. With the actiDisk RDX® USB 3.0 Professional Line, users can secure their sensitive data on removable RDX® hard disks and protect themselves against data loss.

The devices of the actiDisk RDX® Professional Line, which are available in various designs and configurations, are simply connected and operated to Windows or Linux servers via one or two external USB 3.0 interfaces. The servers recognize the RDX® media as removable hard disks.

It can also be used as a backup, archive or restoration medium with a backup software including follow-up media management, catalog and archive management.

Further information and technical details on the actiDisk RDX® Professional systems can be found in the current data sheet.


actidata actiNAS Backup Server

Unique NAS-System including Backup Function

The actiNAS SL 2U-8 RDX® combines two important tasks of professional storage management in one system: It offers a high performance NAS system for company's critical business data as well as backup and archiving functionality on RDX® media.

More about the actiNAS SL 2U-8 RDX®

  • New Datasheets

    For the following products there are new, updated datasheets available: actidata actiNAS Cube RDX®, actiNAS Cube 2U RDX®, actiDisk RDX® and actiTape LTO® Single Drives.

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  • New products: actiNAS Backup Server!

    Since the beginning of this year we have expanded our product portfolio with another NAS system. Read all about our newest member.

    actiNAS Backup Server

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