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End of Life Product
actiNAS XL 2U-12

Compact & Powerful NAS- & Backup-System with dual 10GbE Interfaces

actiNAS XL 2U-12 Configuration:

Tailor-made NAS solutions are available include Enterprise SATA HDDs, Server grade SSDs or - if there is a need to equip with own HDDs / SSDs - without any HDDs for self configuration. We recommand due to specifications and life time choose only Enterprise HDDs with 550TB/anno as well as SSDs with a minimum of 3 DWPD.

CareFree (CF) - NAS-Solution as it's best!

All actiNAS Systems carrying from factory the following services:

  • 36 months limited warranty for the whole system include factory build in HDDs / SSDs
  • 36 months Advance Replacement Service for defective parts (Fast exchange Service)

Contact your actidata partner or actidata direct for getting latest configuration information and pricing.