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LTO Tape Library with one or two LTO Tape Drives
and 24 Media Slots in a compact 2U Rackmount Chassis

actiLib 2U Tape Library Side

The actidata actiLib 2U LTO Tape Library is the ideal entry-level solution for applications that require library functionality. The library is budget-friendly in terms of purchase and operation, is easy to install, user-friendly in administration and enables superunable data protection. In addition, the sleek 2U design allows both the 19-inch rack insert and the stand-alone operation. Software compatibility with current market-established data protection solutions (backup software) is given, while hardware connectivity via powerful SAS or FibreChannel interfaces is available to get fully control of archived and/or backuped data.

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actiLib 2U LTO Tape Library actiLib 2U LTO Tape Library
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Tape Drive Module Tape Drive Module

Product Highlights:

  • High Storage Density: 
    LTO Tape Automation with LTO-8. LTO-7 or LTO-6 technology in a compact 2U Rackmount Chassis.
  • Easy Installation and operation: 
    The operation is done either via the powerful SAS or FibreChannel interface. The standard barcode reader provides quick inventory of the media and speed up access to data.
  • Easy Management: 
    The built-in web-based remote management feature allows the administrator to control, configure, monitor, and analyze the device, relieving customers of costly on-site IT operations.
  • Full Administration:
    All data cartridges are available in two swappable magazines. Also build-in barcode reader supports fast inventory. Available Mail Slots gives the capability for exchanging single LTO data cartridges.
  • Service frankly through swappable Modules: 
    Easy modular design of the tape autoloader allows for quick maintenance or repair of the device to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.
  • Max. Data Recording: 
    Up to 2,7 TB/h, compressed with two LTO Tape Drives
  • All inklusive:
    actiLib 1U LTO Tape Autoloader is fully equipped include barcode reader and two magazines.
  • Three Years limited Warranty:
    Includes Part Change Service in Advance (Fast Exchange Service)

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