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actiTape LTO Tape Drive extern Professional
LTO Tape Drive in a robust, external Box
include Power Supply

Configuration actiTape LTO extern Professional

The actiTape LTO Professional Line is a ready to connect LTO Tape Drive to an existing Server or Host System. The LTO Tape Drive is already mounted into an external housing and equipped with an external SAS Port prepared for connection to an SAS HBA installed in the Server or Host system.

The needed SAS Cable need to be choosen by customer depend on SAS connectivity and lengths. SAS cable is not part of the delivery content and available as option on request.

For proper operation mostly a backup or archive software running on the Server or Host System is needed. Some operating systems, like most Linux derivates, supporting tape drives with standard or built in commands. Backup or Archive Software is not part of actiTape LTO Professional Line delivery content and need to be purchased separatly.