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End of Life Product:
actiLib 4U LTO Tape Library
LTO-Tape Library with up to four Tape Drives
with 48 Slots in four Magazines

This product is set End of Life (EOL) - Please contact actidata for availability!
Follow-up product: actiLib Kodiak 3407 >>>

Configuration of actiLib 4U LTO Tape Library

The actiLib 4U LTO Tape Library offers up to four LTO Tape Drive Modules within a 4U rackmount chassis offering 48 slots for LTO Media.

Configuration of actiLib 4U LTO Tape Library
Automation robotics are controlled by the first built-in LTO drive, so no additional connection has to be scheduled for this. The choice of LTO drives and their number will determine the configuration of the actiLib Tape Library.

  • Number of LTO Tape Drive Modules:
    Based on requirements related to capacity and compatibiltiy the numbers of LTO Tape Drive Modules need to be decided.
    Up to four LTO Tape Drive Modules can be equipped.
  • Available LTO Technology Generations:
    LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-8
  • Available LTO Tape Drive Interface:
    For connection to available server or storage networks the following interfaces are available:
    - SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) for direct attachment to the server (DAS - Direct-Attached-Storage)
    - FC (FibreChannel) for connection to an existing storage network architecure (SAN - Storage-Area-Network)

For use the actiLib Tape Automation products a backup software managing data, tape drives and automation robotics need to be used. actiLib Tape Automation products will be supported by most leading backup software manufacturers.