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actiLib 1U LTO-Autoloader
Compact LTO-Autoloader
with two Magazines and eight Slots

Configuration of actiLib 1U LTO Tape Autoloader

The actiLib 1U LTO Tape Autoloader offers one LTO Tape Drive Module within an 1U rackmount chassis offering 8 slots for LTO Media.

Configuration of actiLib 1U LTO Tape Autoloader
Automation robotics are controlled by the built-in LTO drive, so no additional connection has to be scheduled for this.

  • LTO Tape Drive Modules:
    Based on requirements related to capacity and compatibilty the technology / generation of LTO Tape Drive Module need to be decided.
    The LTO Tape Autoloader supports one LTO Tape Drive Module
  • Available LTO Technology Generations:
    LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-8
  • Available LTO Tape Drive Interface:
    For connection to available server or storage networks the following interfaces are available:
    - SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) for direct attachment to the server (DAS - Direct-Attached-Storage)
    - FC (FibreChannel) for connection to an existing storage network architecture (SAN - Storage-Area-Network)

For use the actiLib Tape Automation products a backup software managing data, tape drives and automation robotics need to be used. actiLib Tape Automation products will be supported by most leading backup software manufacturers.