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actidata - Legacy Products (End of Life)

actidata ever goes forward and designs and engineers new products. From time to time some products become legacy and are stopped in production (End of Life). If there is any question related to EOL-products actidata is open to answer open question. Please contact hier our technical support using our contact form or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Following the list of legacy products:

actiLib Kodiak hoch skalierbare LTO Tape Library

Now with LTO-8
actiLib Kodiak 6807 highly scalable Enterprise Tape Library in 6-42 Höheneinheiten (6-42U) with up to 42 LTO Tape Drive Modules and more than 17 PetaByte capacity.


actiNAS WIN, SV, LX, LXHA Family NAS- und Backup-Server


actiNAS WIN and actiNAS LX
2U, 12bay and 4U, 24bay Nearline-Storage-Systems, usage as individual NAS-System and Backup-Server with Microsoft Windows Storage Server or as Linux based NAS-Server.



actiNAS XL 2U 8 RDX System Front

actiNAS XL 2U-8 RDX® 
- actidata's "All in one Profi-NAS"

With dual 10 GbE SFP+ interfaces, 24x7 server board, server CPU, up to 96TB capacity and dual RDX® as integrated backup devices in 2U rackmount

actiLib Kodiak 3407 BTL ETL angle w

 actiLib Kodiak 3407
- the midium sized Tape Library

Scalable Tape Library actiLib Kodiak 3407 in 3U rackmount starting with 40x LTO slots and 3x LTO Tape Drives per Library Module up to 280x slots and 21x LTO Tape Drive Modules


actiLib 1U 2U 4U LTO Tape Automation


Now also with LTO-8!
actiLib Tape Libraries and actiLib Tape Autoloader with proven LTO Tape Technology insids are the defacto standard for backup and archiving of large amount of data.